Zurich – Rotterdam – Los Angeles


Once you move countries or continents you will face the question shall we move our stuff. We have acquired quite a bit since our last move and lot of things were still almost new. Therefore, we decided to ship most of it to the U.S.

Exactly three weeks ago the relocation company reloswiss came and packed everything or almost everything. As I decided to stay in Switzerland until the end of August I need at least an air bed, TV (very important), and some cutlery. Within a few hours the two guys packed everything – amazingly! They will drive it to Rotterdam and from there it will be shipped to L.A. A massive thanks to the relocation company they did an awesome job.

Now lets solve the easier part – taxes, closing bank accounts, notify every single service, paying all outstanding invoices and on and on and on.

Keep you posted with that adventure especially with our Raiffeisenbank!

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