T-88 ::: Checklist

Recently I have the feeling time passes more quicker than usual. I know this is my own perception and relates to my departure in September. Currently, my brain feels like a bit overloaded with so many things that I have to prepare before my leaving. I tried to find a checklist online what you have to do but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything. Therefore I thought preparing a list with the major points for people who have the same issue. Please feel free to send me anything that should be added and be aware there are some specific Swiss cases on that list.

  • Having the right Visa
  • Having a valid ID card and passport
  • Cancel health insurance
  • If needed close bank account and credit cards
  • Notify insurance company including car, home insurance, liability insurance
  • Organize movers and think about insure your stuff
  • Organize a garage sale in case you have anything that you won’t move or donate it
  • Cancel landline, mobile, TV and newspaper subscription
  • Notify “Bilag” and make sure you get your difference back
  • Notify your municipality
  • Cancel any loyalty programs e.g Migros or Coop
  • Pay all your taxes, which is a pain in your ass I know
  • Notify Swiss Post and provide them with an alternative address (In case you expect some important mail or packages)
  • Think about your social benefits. What are you doing with your 2nd pillar and 3rd pillar. Will you still contribute into the 1st pillar? Yes, you can if you live abroad. Central Compensation Office CCO
  • Give notice to your current landlord
  • If necessary organize a cleaning company
  • Book your ticket to your final destination
  • Cancel any public transport programs e.g SBB, ZVV
  • Update future payments e.g. LinkedIn, Xing or any other cloud services
  • Take some couple of passport pictures, they become very handy in your new country for any purpose
  • Make sure you have enough luggeges available
  • Notify your employer 🙂
  • Have a good-bye party 🙂

I hope you find this list helpful for your own purpose. Any feedback is appreciated.

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