Last days at Toni Areal


Moving out of a flat can be exhausting but luckily we already shipped most of our furnitures in April. Hence, we (my brother and I) only had to clean the flat and move a couple of boxes and some luggages full of cloth. My brother Hanspeter showed his remarkable skills with colors and spraying. You could hardly see any marks on the walls nor any whole in the wall.

At the end the hand over was very smooth and the management had no complaints. Now it was time to say good-buy to a great location in Zurich and move into fully furnished and serviced apartment in Oerlikon until end of August.

Done with cleaning

One last time

In the meantime I have to prepare for my interview at the U.S embassy in Bern in order to attain my green card. That means collecting a lot of papers like military record, police record of all the countries I lived, medical certificate and so on! Fortunately, we still have 10 weeks left and hopefully everything will work out according to our schedule.

Beginning of July I travelled on more time before my final move to Los Angeles. On of the top priorities was to find a new home. It can be quite tricky when it comes to location and budget. In the previous months we have already decided to concentrate on Long Beach. Our broker helped us to find a hous in a secure area, and we were able to find our new home. From beginning of September we can move into it. Here are a some pictures.

Amazing kitchen

Front View of the House

Backyard of the house








Here a small anecdote to my Raiffeisen Bank experience. I was a very happy customer for the last 30+ years and I never thought to move my bank account to another bank until now. We contacted our Raiffeisen affiliate regarding our move to the U.S and wanted to know what we have to do. As soon as we mentioned U.S we felt like aliens who committed a crime. My wife had to close their bank account almost immediately and there was no flexibility. Although, my wife’s salary was usually transferred beginning of each months we had to close it by the end of the month. When I asked if we could close the account a couple of days later the immediate answer was NO. I know they have to comply internal rules and regulations but a bit more flexibility would be appreciated. However, I have learnt my lesson even Raiffeisenbank is now just a generic bank!




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