One chapter ends, a new one begins!

Zurich - Los Angeles

The most important news my Green Card Visa application was approved. The finishing process at the US embassy in Switzerland was smooth and efficient. After they checked all my original documents I had to answer a few questions. A ten months long journey has come to an end and I can finish now our move from Zürich to Long Beach. I had close my bank account, de-register in Zurich and painfully enough paying the taxes.

November 1oth I crossed the border and became an official resident of the United States of America. Now a new chapter begins. My main focus is the renovation of our new home in the first couple of weeks. Zurich - Los AngelesIt is more managing and coordinating the different construction parties like painters, plumbers, or carpenters. Hopefully, we will be finished by the end of November. I also realized owning a house requires a different skill set. Jobs
that were done by a management company previously are now in our responsibility. Not only taking care of the garden or the pool but also fixing simple electricity or plumbing jobs.

Long BeachManaging myriads craftsman I soon realized a different attitude that I was used to. Basically, anything can be done or nearly everything. You can request to work over the weekend and no-one will say no. Also, Craftsman will always come up with solutions that reduce your costs. I think that is a valuable aspect here to show you can do a job and reducing the costs, which will be short-term solutions though.

And here is probably the biggest difference. Most of the solutions don’t include a long-term view. That means they are cheaper but also don’t last as long whereas in my home country people come up with long-term solutions which will be more expensive.

However, you don’t need always a long-term solution and it is convenient to have both options. What do you think?

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