Time flies – My first 5 months

Gorgeous view from the top

I can’t believe I have already been in the US for 5 months. It is a journey with ups and downs, high expectations followed by low excellence and vise versa.

I guess everyone who has ever moved countries experienced similar situations. I don’t intend to list up pros and cons about the US as I consider myself as a human being and not typically as a Swiss or US. What I realize since my move though, is how much my previous environment has defined me in very particular way. I always thought to be open minded and an easy-going person but the move has showed me that I also have a rigid side. I think any change forces you to be adaptive and opens up a part of yourself that you haven’t seen for a long time or not at all. As my yoga mentor Durga used to say, only though the experiences of life can the soul be perfected. In these days I remember that quote and I try to be grateful and humble for this new experience.

Wine Tour SolvangThe first couple of months I kept myself busy with the renovation of our bathroom and guest room and discovering the neighborhood. We travelled up to Santa Barbara for a short Christmas trip and explored some vineyards and the surrounding cute little towns. The first day we enjoyed a 4-hour wine tour which was super interesting and fun.

As a big snow and ski enthusiast we traveled up to Big Bear, which is probably the closest mountain with a ski infrastructure. A 4-hour drive and you are in the middle of a few 8000 feet peaks. We had an amazing weekend. Lots of sunshine and good snow condition attracted not only us but hundreds of others as well. My first US ski trip was definitely a positive one.Wine tasting @ Vincent

Now, my focus is on the job search for the next couple of months. I have to build up my network from scratch which will be quite a challenge. In February, I started a Digital Marketing course at General Assembly. It is a great opportunity not only to leave the house but also to meet business people and pick up some ideas about the US market and its dynamic environment. Fascinatingly, I am the only person among 20 others who want to work for a corporation. All the other students want to open up their own start-up. In a couple of weeks the course will be finished and by then, I hope to know more about my next career move.Skiing among the trees


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