300+ days and going……

It is hard to believe that we already approach Autumn and even harder to believe that I almost hit my one year anniversary living in L.A. It feels like a few weeks ago when I moved to California. In fact, it is already 300+ days – just incredible! Doubtless, it has been a bumpy journey so far with lots of ups and downs, times when I just wanted to buy a ticket back to Switzerland to see my missed friends and family but something keeps me going.

+300 daysIt has been 3 long months since my last post and it is not because I spend most of my time at the beach to improve my surfing skills. In June 2016 I started a new job with my former agency metapeople/NetBooster. It feels great to be back at work and even more with an awesome crew – yes Kim ;-). Most of the time I do home office which is a challenge but a good one. It allows me to be flexible but most importantly I don’t need to commute in the LA traffic and wast hours sitting in a car.



Point LobosBesides work there has been another reason for my blog absence. In beginning of July I became a proud father of Ella. I just feel so happy and at the same time fortunate & humble for my life. Retrospectively speaking it is amazing how much your life can change within a few months – sometimes for good sometimes for bad. At the moment, I definitely enjoy the good ones that happen to me.

Apart of all the excitement I experienced my first LA summer which wasn’t that crazy hot as I expected but it is definitely dry. You probably read in the news there has been fires across California but luckily not in our neighborhood. Swiss National DayPrior to Ella’s birth we did a really nice trip up to San Francisco to visit friends and drove down to Carmel. The drive down Highway 1 is always picturesque especially if you do some hikes along the coast. I definitely recommend Point Lobos , which is a National Park with some beautiful and easy hikes. Beside that baby-moon we spent most of the time to organize and decorate the house for Ella’s arrival.

Now it is already at the end of August with a busy season ahead not only personally but also professionally. A season with some upcoming travels – one will be back to Switzerland to visit my friends and families, and some maybe work related – so stay tuned.



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