Have you set up your GA4 yet?

If you are using Google Analytics Universal than this message is important. Google will discontinue Google Analytics UA by July 1st and everyone needs to transition over to Google Analytics 4. GA4 is the latest version of Google’s web analytics platform, which introduces several new features and changes compared to Google Analytics Universal (UA).

Some of the key differences include:

  1. Event-based tracking: GA4 focuses on event-based tracking instead of pageviews. This means that instead of tracking visits to specific web pages, it tracks specific actions that users take on a website, such as clicks, video views, and purchases.
  2. User-centric measurement: GA4 places a greater emphasis on user-centric measurement, which allows for a better understanding of user behavior across devices and platforms. It uses a new user ID feature to track users across multiple devices, which can provide insights into how users interact with a website or app over time.
  3. Machine learning capabilities: GA4 incorporates more machine learning capabilities, such as predictive analytics and automated insights. This can help businesses identify trends and opportunities more quickly and make more informed decisions.
  4. Data privacy: GA4 is designed to be more privacy-focused, with features such as data deletion and user consent settings. This is in response to growing concerns about data privacy and the need for businesses to comply with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Overall, Google Analytics 4 offers a more advanced and sophisticated approach to web analytics, with a greater focus on user behavior and machine learning capabilities. However, it also requires a different setup and configuration compared to Google Analytics Universal, and businesses may need to adjust their tracking strategies and data collection methods to fully take advantage of its features.

This is a great time to re-think what data your company needs and wants to collect as everyone starts from scratch which can be a great opportunity to set your objectives, and KPIs to define your future strategy.

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