About Me

#digitalyogi is a fusion of yoga and it’s philosophy and spiced up with my profession as a digital marketing consultant. This blog is a blend of professional tips & tricks but also a little bit about my personal life.

Over two decades I experiment and explore the online world with all its facets but the last 8 years I dedicate my time especially for digital marketing. However, when investing the digital dollar I am focused on tracing the impact in order to optimize the digital spend and ensure the best ROI for the client/company.

I use my analytic skills that help my to understand what needs to be done to achieve certain goals. I worked for a wide range of industries and different size of companies during my career which have given me an invaluable inside when it comes to improve internal business processes in order to be more efficient.

I love to be a team player who brings a passion for my work everyday. That creates enjoyable and productive working relationships. And when it’s all said and done, that knows how to have fun. Never afraid to experiment, fail, get up but ultimately succeeds. Covering categories includs sports, consumer packaged goods, consumer electronics, travel, retail, and insurance.

=>Teaching @ General Assembly
=>Digital Marketing Certificate at NYU
=>Completed my bachelor in marketing while working part time
=>Successful launch of an online SaaS marketplace for SMBs
=>Scouted and managed ISVs from around the world
=>Traveled a lot throughout my career with experience working and studying aboard
=>Survived a yoga teacher training 🙂

Strategic Media Planning, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Tag Manager, Paid Media, Business Development, SEO, Project Management, New Technologies, Trends, Digital Marketing, SaaS, Mobile

When I’m not helping companies thrive, I’m probably playing with my daughter, practicing and teaching yoga, trying to network, teaching a Digital Marketing class at General Assembly, hanging out in nature, ski down a slop in Lake Tahoe or Salt Lake City, or enjoy a glass of wine in the nearby vineyard in Santa Barbara.

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