What is yoga?
Yoga is a philosophy, a science of physical and mental functioning of people, and how to consciously influence can be taken with the aim to achieve absolute freedom and find peace within you.
The first experience in yoga are mainly in the form of:

  • a positive change in body awareness
  • a strengthened and stretch muscles
  • balance and find equilibrium
  • less vulnerability to stress
  • a more stable mood
  • a strengthening of the immune system
  • an enhanced self-awareness
  • ability to breath calmer  etc.


Over time, however, we will find that yoga goes much deeper, and we can be a source of infinite wealth. However, it is impossible that philosophy, this science in a few words to explain.

The mere fact that Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is one of six recognized Indian philosophical systems, the so-called `Darshanas` is, and there is a difference in whether someone such as Raja, Bhakti, exerts jnana or karma yoga, although the one the other does not need to close off but running into each other, points to how complex this issue is.

Yoga can still lingering in a sitting position, or be in a sweat-inducing sequence of different postures but also in everyday life, from the outside exercised not seen.

Pincha Mayurasana

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