Instagram Marketing

Digital Marketing

Instagram Marketing Over the last few years companies in B2B and B2C discover social media channels not only to engage with their customer but also as an additional revenue stream. Often, I was asked is it worth to use social media channels. Generally speaking, I say yes but it needs an effort in terms of time & … Continue reading Digital Marketing

Zurich - Los Angeles

One chapter ends, a new one begins!

The most important news my Green Card Visa application was approved. The finishing process at the US embassy in Switzerland was smooth and efficient. After they checked all my original documents I had to answer a few questions. A ten months long journey has come to an end and I can finish now our move from … Continue reading One chapter ends, a new one begins!


Technology and its advantages

Nowadays, gadgets and gizmos surround us; they are ubiquitous in communication, transportation, occupations, personal interactions, and collaboration. Technology has been a hot topic for the last decade, popping up in almost all my conversations. In my opinion, nostalgia is a way of resisting a world of constant change. As the world transforms, so do we. … Continue reading Technology and its advantages

Visa Application

It takes time and even more time

It takes time and even more time In February 2015, Grace and I decided to relocate from Zurich to Los Angeles. When you consider moving to another country you should investigate your visa opportunities early on. My wife is a U.S. citizen, thus, I am eligible to apply for a Green Card. There might be … Continue reading It takes time and even more time