Pubcon 2016 with Search Gurus

Pubcon 2016

Beginning of October, I went to Las Vegas for my first Pubcon conference. ย Pubcon,ย is a leading digital marketing conference, which is held annually and covers topics like social media, internet marketing, search engine, and digital advertising. The conference spread over three days with tons of sessions and keynotes form leading businesses, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors. … Continue reading Pubcon 2016


Technology and its advantages

Nowadays, gadgets and gizmos surround us; they are ubiquitous in communication, transportation, occupations, personal interactions, and collaboration. Technology has been a hot topic for the last decade, popping up in almost all my conversations. In my opinion, nostalgia is a way of resisting a world of constant change. As the world transforms, so do we. … Continue reading Technology and its advantages